Since 1992, Bionatus Laboratório Botânico LTD., a Laboratory created in the Brazilian city of Sao José do Rio Preto (Sao Paulo State), has been dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of minerals, vitamins, plant-derived products, and propolis. With a line of more than 100 products, our objective has been always to contribute to the health of families with quality and dedication. Our factory has a Quality Control laboratory and a production area approved by the Brazilian ANVISA, with the issuance of a certificate of good manufacturing practice. Bionatus continually carries out research and development to bring to the market new products that meet the needs of customers.

Laboratory Bionatus Pharmacognosique Inc. based in Quebec receives all the experience gained during these 30 years of success in Brazil and has the mission to develop more innovative plant-derived products using the technological facilities created by the pharmaceutical environment in this region. This new division focuses on research and development in pharmacognosy to provide strategic solutions for the development of new plant products.

With our company and our partners in Canada, our goal is to develop both: innovative and high-quality and pharmaceutical level products that meet Health Canada and FDA’s GMP standards.