Bionatus Laboratório Botânico, from São José do Rio Preto (SP), one of the largest herbal medicine manufacturers in Brazil, started hiring suppliers that have the FSC certification seal.

FSC, an English acronym that means Forest Stewardship Council, is an internationally recognized forest certification system. The concept of forest certification emerged in response to concerns regarding the world’s forests and consists of valuing products originating from responsible forest management.

The objective of the FSC is to disseminate the rational use of forests following Principles and Criteria that are the same throughout the world, with such principles reconciling ecological safeguards with social benefits and economic viability.

Its activities consist of developing (universal) principles and criteria for certification; accrediting specialized and independent certifying organizations; and supporting the development of national and regional forest management standards, which serve to detail the application of principles and criteria, adapting them to the reality of a given type of forest.

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